What you should know before renting a house

So you are thinking of renting a house in Nigeria or planning on moving into another apartment, that’s a good thing you know. If you think buying a house is a big decision, finding a house to rent is no way smaller especially in Nigeria. Renting an apartment in Nigeria might not seem a big deal but if you’ve been in the hands of some of the “deadly agents/landlords” you might get so frustrated and give up. Finding the right apartment to rent is a big decision as it affects your life and lifestyle. It affects everything from where you eat, sleeps your commute to work and so on. Before you decide on the area and apartment you decide to rent you need to ask your agent/landlord an array of questions

1. What are the lease terms?

You should be thoroughly aware as the renter the duration of the rent and when it starts and end. A lot of landlords In Nigeria ask for a year rent but some still ask for 2 years despite the Lagos state government stating a year lease should be paid. So you better ask before you enter one chance

2. Cost

Do not rent a house that is way above your budget simply because you love it. The rule of thumb is to go for a house whose rental fee does not exceed a maximum of your 4 months’ salary. For example if your remuneration at the end of a month is N50,000.00 (a total of N6,000,000) in a year, your cost of rent should not exceed N200,000 per annum

3. Unpaid Power Bills

One of the first factor you should keep in mind when looking for a house to rent is the state of its utility bills. Interruption of power supply has become a bane of living in Nigeria. Imagine moving into a house that has pending bills accrued by the former tenants of the house who evaded payments- quite exhausting! Before you make your choice of apartment ensure that it does not have any existing unpaid electricity bills. Inquire for the recent electricity bills receipt of the house before you take the next step.

4. Accessibility

The importance of moving into a house that can be easily accessed is one that cannot be overstated. Look out for areas that have good road networks to and from your desired location. Also, go for houses you can easily access from other areas in town

5. Seasonal Investigations

The best time to make investigations about renting a house is during rainy season, to know if the environment is erosion-free. Check for water marks in the building which are usually caused by erosion- do this during the rainy period because property owners play a fast one on naïve tenants by covering water marks with paints immediately after erosion.

6. Landlord and Caretakers

You are going to be paired with your landlord for a year or more, so you should as well make a good choice of one. Avoid nonchalant landlords who are only concerned about filling their pockets than meeting the needs of their tenants. Ask questions around the area and weigh your conversations with your landlord to enable you make well-informed choices.

Now that you have some vital tips to help you make the best choices when renting a house in Nigeria, the choice of house you go for is left entirely to you. What matters is that you rent a house that will make you live comfortably without any stress or hassles

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